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Construction Process Of SPC Flooring Plank

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Construction process of SPC Flooring Plank

The main construction procedures of the construction are numerous

First, the base surface treatment: using a portable mill alloy sheet or water mill, the surface is rough, clean the ground

Second, find the ground (expansion gap or crack) with two tapes attached to the width of 10 cm, after the completion of waterproof construction, the contact with the epoxy midway through the batch OK. (The heat is kept up and down, and there is no blisters at the expansion joint)

Third, there is water ground, etc. After the ground is whitish, it can be waterproofed. Do not water the old ground or wet ground (Note: water on the floor will reduce the adhesion and strength)

4. Ingredients (white) powder: water = 1:0.3 or 27%---30% (7.5kg/bag)

(gray) powder: water = 1:0.25 or 25% - 27% (6.5kg / bag)

Add water and stir into putty for 10 minutes to mature and use; the material should be used within 1 hour after stirring with water. Apply with a flat knife. (Note: Adding water should be controlled within the proportional range. Adding more will reduce the hardness, reduce the adhesion, and the surface has volcanic craters.)