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Corrugated Tile Application

- Nov 05, 2018 -

The corrugated tile is called from the appearance of the tile shape, and there are many corrugated tiles.

The surface is coated with aluminum-zinc alloy, glass steel tile, galvanized sheet, and galvanized steel sheet. High fluorocarbon color steel.

Features do not break, shrink or curl; do not burn, prevent fire from spreading when the fire occurs; light weight, can minimize the weight load on the building; easy to design and construction (a metal tile length equivalent to seven terracotta 100% can be recycled and reused, will not be harmful to the natural environment; can withstand cold, violent, earthquake, heavy rain, hail, fire and other disasters; wind resistance up to 120mph (哩 / hour); there are a variety of colors to choose from; Old buildings can also be used; light weight, high-rise buildings can also be safe, easy construction of the substrate is 100% recyclable; the structure of the building is not high; the accessories are complete, can adapt to a variety of roofing.