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Notice Of Holidays

- Jan 28, 2019 -

  Notice of holidays

  It will be passed in 2018 and usher in a beautiful 2019. In the past 2018, our company has participated in many domestic and international exhibitions. While knowing many domestic and foreign friends and customers, we have also seen the advantages of various companies in the same industry, and learn from each other's strengths.

  Qingdao Ruijie Plastic Extruder Machine Company will be closed on 2019.1.28 and will open on 2.12. Thanks to domestic and foreign customers for their support of Ruijie Plastic Machine. Recognition, understanding and love.

During the holiday period of Ruijie Plastic Machinery Technology Department and after-sales department, we still undertake technical guidance, consultation and communication from all customers.Accompanied by those who made orders, late holidays or not on vacation, stepped into the beautiful 2019.