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PVC Crust Foam Board For Cabinet

- Nov 09, 2018 -

PVC Crust Foam Board for Cabinet

The advantages of choosing pvc board for cabinet board

PVC foam board is a new type of environmentally friendly material. It is called a defect-free board in foreign countries. It is double-stick inside and outside, no oil leakage, no water seepage, scratch resistance, also called plastic board. The substrate is MDF and the surface is vacuum blister. It can be made into a seamless PVC film forming process, environmentally friendly, non-polluting and reusable. It is the most ideal alternative cabinet material, more convenient and most suitable for people's lives. The door panel does not need to be sealed at normal size, and is waterproof, moisture-proof, hard and flexible.


The cabinet made of PVC foamed board has more special features, because it itself brings together the characteristics of PVC foamed sheet: waterproof, moisture-proof and non-absorbent, which can effectively prevent deformation and cracking and other symptoms, and the surface of PVC foamed sheet can be Producing bright color, frosted grain and striped appearance, the advantage is that PVC foam board made cabinet wardrobe and bathroom cabinet with acid and alkali resistant color change, long service life, bright color and long-lasting, and can be like wood The same drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, sticking and other processing, the board can also be secondary processing for thermoforming; texture and light transport construction is more convenient.

The kitchen uses PVC cabinets, because the surface is smooth and easy to clean, no messy colors and complicated lines, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, no cracking, long service life, so it is more suitable for ordinary families, small size, simple and clear design. kitchen.

PVC foamed sheet is not cracked, deformed, scratch resistant, stain resistant and fade resistant. Rich in color, realistic wood grain, pure color monochrome. The seamless PVC film forming process does not require edge sealing, there is no problem of opening the glue, and the daily maintenance is also very simple, and no special maintenance is required. Developed countries and regions are more interested in such PVC materials.

Concluding remarks: The above is a small series of related issues related to pvc cabinet panels. Although we are now using the kitchen and the kitchen decoration requirements are not as high as before. However, Xiao Bian still recommends that everyone decorate the kitchen, but the kitchen can be said to be the only place in the home where there is an open fire. If the kitchen decoration is not carefully selected, it will be quite serious once the accident happens. .