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The Future Internationalization Trend Of Chinese Plastic Extruder

- Oct 24, 2018 -


   The future internationalization trend of Chinese plastic extruder

  In the plastics machinery market in China, as a main processing equipment, plastic extrusion machine in PVC Profile Machine、PVC Foam Board production line ,PVC Profile machien technology development, has always been the focus of the development of plastic processing industry and hot spots For a long time, its processing technology development, a direct impact on the development of plastic processing industry.

  After decades of accumulation and precipitation of technology, China's plastic extruder technology has made certain breakthroughs. With the development of the plastics processing industry towards the limit, precision and high speed, the related plastic extruders also exhibit the characteristics of high efficiency, multi-function and low energy consumption.


Modular specialization

    Nowadays, with the development of plastic extruders, there are different types and functions of extruders in the plastics processing market. A wide variety of extruders can be dazzling. As a result, the factory has adopted a modular production method for the extruder. This production method not only can adapt to the requirements of different plastic products, but also can meet the special needs of different users, so that users can get the products they want in the first time. In addition, this production method can shorten the development cycle of new products and strive for a larger market share. The specialization in the production process can arrange the various system module components of the extrusion molding equipment to be fixed-point production or even global procurement, which is very beneficial to ensure the quality of the whole period, reduce the cost and accelerate the capital turnover.

 High efficiency

    At present, the characteristics of high output and low energy consumption of plastic extruders have led to the development of high efficiency and high speed. Take the same direction twin screw extruder as an example. The extruder uses a high torque gearbox. This type of gearbox has stable performance, long life and large load carrying capacity. The gearbox has a specific torque of 14 Nm/cm3 and a maximum output speed of 1800 r/min. In addition, increasing the diameter of the screw can also increase the productivity of the extruder. When the screw diameter is doubled, the productivity of the extruder can be increased several times, thereby increasing the productivity of the extruder.

 Intelligent network

    Today, plastic extruders in many developed countries have been artificially intelligent, and modern electronic and computer control technologies are widely used. The addition of smart technology not only enables high product precision, but also makes the entire processing process more stable. Although China's current extruders are not as intelligent as foreign countries, with the continuous innovation of technology, in the field of intelligence, China's extruders have also achieved certain results. For example, the application of an intelligent temperature control system and an intelligent monitoring system for an extruder.

    In the future, China's plastic extruders will continue to follow the international development trend, innovate and upgrade their own technology, and strive to develop more efficient, stable, safe and quality extruders according to market demand!