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PP Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

PP Single wall corrugated pipe production line Production Description High speed corrugator: Close type corrugater and vacuum for forming. Forming mould is moving in a tunnel. Forming tunnel is cooled by water. Forming mould is made of hard alloy steel and anti-corrosion and abrasion. No any...

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Production description

1.High speed corrugator.

2.Close type corrugater and vacuum for forming.

3.Forming mould is moving in a tunnel.

4.Forming tunnel is cooled by water.

5.Forming mould is made of hard alloy steel and anti-corrosion and abrasion.

6.No any connection between forming mould, then reduce time to change.

7.Provide single wall corrugation dead die.

Machine picture

Finished product

Product features

1.It is very simple and convenient to operate;

2.The production line has high production efficiency;

3.Good operating system;

4.Work does not produce a lot of noise;

5.Good durability.

Product advantages

1.Special structure design of screw and dies and convenience in changing mould blocks solve the problem of easy-worn of screw and barral, as well as the difficulty in forming of plastic resin.

2.Corrugator adopts closed water cooling structure, closed forming blocks chain ,and special design of rail, which will make all blocks matching correctly, running stablely. You even couldn't see the connecting line on the surface of pipe. Cooling water is cycling inside the corrugator, it will make the cooling speed fast, so the production speed of pipe will be raised highly.

3.Meanwhile, the corrugator adopts building blocks design, we can use same basis structure but different forming length of corrugator. The longer forming length of corrugator, the more output of pipe. We can make different forming length corrugator according to different cusotmers' needs.


PP Single wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line can produce pipe with heating-proof, corrosion-proof, friction-proof and high strength. And the pipe will be used in electricity/pneumatic wire conduit , Auto wire conduit, protection conduit, machine tools , electric locomative, projections installation, lights, automatic tools and other fields. It is a big market demand.

Machine video

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