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ABS Pipe Production Line

ABS Pipe Production Line Description ABS Pipe is mainly used in the production of agricultural drainage, water supply and drainage, and cable laying,etc. The unit consists of single extruder machine, mold, vacuum forming tank, multi-claw haul-off machine, planetary(chipless/non-dust cutter)...

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ABS Pipe is mainly used in the production of agricultural  drainage, water supply and drainage, and cable laying, etc. The unit consists of single extruder machine, mold, vacuum forming tank, multi-claw haul-off machine, planetary(chipless/non-dust cutter) cutting machine, stacker and so on.

Detailed Information                

Raw material: ABS granules

Final Products:  ABS pipe

Pipe diameter:16-400mm

Main Motor: HONGQI Brand, famous in china

Frequency control: ABB frequency

Temperature control:OMRON

Inspecting &Packing

Power and Size of Production line

Total Production line: 20-24m

Installing Power of the production line(total):about 70-250kw

Machine picture

Finished product


Advantages of the ABS tube:

Second, the characteristics of ABS pipe fittings
  1, corrosion resistance
  The ABS tube is made of a high-molecular polymer made of corrosion-resistant properties. The tube does not change its substance under any circumstances. In addition, the ABS tube does not need to be painted and is very easy to maintain.
  2, resistance to pressure, impact resistance
  At 23±2°C Celsius, can it last at 38kgf/cm? Normal operation under pressure for one hour without rupture, deformation and leakage. At low temperatures, ABS engineering plastic pipes can withstand strong impact forces without breaking.
  3, a wide range of working temperatures
  The operating temperature range of ABS tube is from -40 °C to +95 °C (heat-resistant type should be selected above 70 °C), and the material can be stable within this range.
  4, heat preservation
  The heat transfer coefficient of ABS pipe is 1/200 of that of ordinary iron pipe, which means that the energy loss of ABS engineering plastic pipe is much 200 times less than that of iron pipe. Therefore, ABS engineering plastic pipe can save huge energy in maintaining energy under such transmission. the cost of.
  5, high liquidity
  The ABS tube has a smooth inner wall and low resistance to prevent the formation of dirt, which accelerates the flow rate of the fluid in the tube.
  6, non-toxic
  ABS engineering plastic pipes do not contain heavy metal stabilizers, so there is no toxic and heavy metals oozing out of the pipes to the outside to contaminate the water source.
  7, light weight
  The weight of the ABS pipe is only 1/8 of the weight of the iron pipe, and the PVC pipe is 5/8 heavy, so it is easy to disassemble and operate.
  8, long service life

   ABS engineering plastic pipes can be used for a minimum of 50 years under normal operating conditions and conditions of use.

ABS plastic pipe is a new type of material with a nominal pressure of 0.6~1.6Mpa and a linear expansion coefficient of 0.9 mm/(m·°C). The connection method is flange and bonding, and the gas permeability is poor. The ABS plastic pipe has small flow friction, greatly reduces fluid resistance and pump horsepower, has good impact resistance, good mechanical strength and high impact toughness, and only undergoes toughness deformation in the event of a sudden attack.

  The ABS plastic tube has a structural weight of 1/7 of steel; the fluid resistance is small; the chemical performance is stable, and the sealing performance is good; the plastic pipe reduces the consumption of raw materials, reduces the labor intensity, and greatly saves the investment of the project. The construction has the advantages of simple and simple effect, fast curing speed and high bonding strength, which avoids the phenomenon of running and dripping in the general pipeline.

 Classification and application of ABS pipes

   ABS pipes can be classified into general-purpose grades (including various impact grades), flame retardant grades, heat-resistant grades, electroplating grades, transparent grades, structural foam grades, and modified ABS, depending on the application. General purpose grades for the manufacture of gears, bearings, handles, machine housings and components, enclosures, computers, tape recorders, televisions, telephones, etc., and toys; flame retardant grades for the manufacture of electronic components such as computer terminals, machine housings and Various household appliances; structural foaming grades for the manufacture of enclosures for electronic devices; heat-resistant grades for the manufacture of automated instruments and motor housings for power plants; electroplating grades for the manufacture of automotive components, various knobs, nameplates, Decorations and daily necessities; transparent grades are used to make dials, food trays in refrigerators, etc.

 the use of ABS tube

  ABS is a widely used engineering plastic that has the advantages of light weight, high strength and wear resistance. Generally, it can be made into an ABS tube, an ABS board or other processed parts. ABS pipes have good comprehensive performance and can be used as sewer pipes, gas pipes, industrial pipes, etc. Connection is an essential process in the use of pipes. The following small series will tell you how the ABS pipeline is connected.
  To connect the ABS tube, you need to use the ABS sol and apply the sol to the ABS tube and the parts to be connected. The sol will dissolve the surface of the ABS tube. After inserting the parts to be connected, the two will slowly fuse together. After the resin is completely cured, it will form a whole and will not be separated. As an important connecting product, sol has high requirements on quality, which determines the success of the connection to a certain extent. Before using the ABS sol, stir it thoroughly to make it uniform. If it is uneven, it will not be used if it contains small bubbles. When using ABS sol, pay attention to the consistency, not too thick or too thin. If it is too thick, it should not be brushed. If it is too thin, it will stick to it and cause it to fall off.

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