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PA Pipe Production Line

PA Pipe Production Line Introduction PA pipe extrusion line. The whole line is for making different diameter PA pipe. We can offer the formula to save the production cost. After the whole line is finished, we will invite you to visit our factory to see our testing the machine. We can send...

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The whole line is for making different diameter PA pipe. We can offer the formula to save the production cost. After the whole line is finished, we will invite you to visit our factory to see our testing the machine. We can send engineer to your factory to debug the whole line and teach your workers how to operate hand by hand. All the electric brand are all international famous brand, you can change it easily. We give you one year warranty. PA pipe thickness can be customized. 

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Product features

1.It is very simple and convenient to operate;

2.The production line has high production efficiency;

3.Good operating system;

4.Work does not produce a lot of noise;

5.Good durability.

   Polyamide, referred to as PA tube, also known as Nylon tube. It is a kind of synthetic fiber with good physical and chemical properties: wear resistance, can be used under the condition of sandstone and iron filings; smooth surface, reduce resistance, prevent rust and scale deposit; soft and easy Bending, easy to install and easy to machine. At the same time, it has steel properties. When it needs a certain shape, it can be made into various shapes like a metal tube, and it does not require complicated equipment and tooling; it can withstand the corrosion of many chemical substances; it has stable size, low permeability and great resistance. Can be used as an insulator; long service life, even decades; good temperature resistance, can work in the environment of -40-100 °C.

  Nylon has many characteristics, so it is widely used in automobiles, electrical equipment, mechanical parts, transportation equipment, textiles, papermaking machinery and so on. With the miniaturization of automobiles, the high performance of electronic and electrical equipment, and the acceleration of the weight reduction of mechanical equipment, the demand for nylon will be even higher. In particular, nylon, as a structural material, places high demands on its strength, heat resistance and cold resistance.
The inherent shortcomings of nylon are also important factors limiting its application. Especially for PA6 and PA66, it has a strong price advantage compared with PA46 and PAl2, although some properties can not meet the development requirements of related industries. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the application field by modifying and improving certain properties for a certain application field. Due to the strong polarity of PA, it has strong hygroscopicity and poor dimensional stability, but it can be improved by modification.
Nylon tube is a variety of pipe extruded from different grades of nylon material and hard thick-walled nylon tube cast from caprolactam material. This entry focuses on the most commonly used nylon hoses.

Nylon tubes are extremely resistant to wear, stretch and bending and are easy to install without any special tools. Its good comprehensive performance is unmatched by copper pipes, steel pipes and rubber pipes, and it is an ideal material to replace copper, steel and rubber.
Scope of use
Air, water, chemical lubrication, instrumentation lines, irrigation control systems, textile mills, food plants, fuel delivery pipes for vehicles and ships, vacuum systems, air conditioning systems, oscillating insulators, electrostatic insulators, etc.
Capable of maintaining flexibility and normal operation over the temperature range of -40°C to +120°C

  Polyamide, commonly known as nylon (Nylon), English name Polyamide (PA), density 1.15g/cm3, is a generic term for thermoplastic resins containing repeating amide groups [NHCO] in the main chain of the molecule, including aliphatic PA, fat-fragrance. Family PA and aromatic PA. Among them, aliphatic PA has many varieties, large yield and wide application, and its name is determined by the specific carbon number of the synthetic monomer. Invented by the famous American chemist Carothers and his research team.
Nylon is a term of polyamide fiber (nylon) that can be made into long or short staple fibers. Nylon is the trade name of polyamide fiber, also known as Nylon. The English name Polyamide (abbreviated as PA), whose basic constituent substance is an aliphatic polyamide linked by an amide bond - [NHCO].

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