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PE Pipe Production Line

PE Pipe Production Line Description PE pipe extruder line is primarily used in the manufacturing of HDPE pipes with diameters ranging from 20mm to 450mm. The various thickness of the pipes produced can make them suitable for applications range from urban water supply to gas transportation. This...

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PE pipe extruder line is primarily used in the manufacturing of HDPE pipes with diameters ranging from 20mm to 450mm. The various thickness of the pipes produced can make them suitable for applications range from urban water supply to gas transportation. This line also excels in the production of anti-flammable and anti-static electricity pipes using a two or three layer spiral mould for use in mining industries. Pipes produced feature even wall-thickness and perfect roundness. Through switching or adding certain part of machine unit, this line can also be customized to extrude pipes of various other kinds.


1. Single screw extruder;

2.  Mould (Die Head);

3. Vacuum calibrating and cooling tanks;

4.  Water cooling tanks

5.  Haul-off machine;

6.  Winder or stacker.

Technical Parameter

Pipe range(mm)










Extruder power





Extrusion capacity





Max. Production speed



6 m/min

3 m/min

Machine picture

Finished product

Product features

1.It is very simple and convenient to operate;

2.The production line has high production efficiency;

3.Good operating system;

4.Work does not produce a lot of noise;

5.Good durability.

 Unit characteristics The unit is equipped with a pipe weight control system. The system is used to measure and calculate the meter weight and extrusion volume of the pipe. The product weight is constant and runs according to the set parameters. The PE pipe equipment price shortens the startup. Time has improved product quality and saved raw materials; the use of high-efficiency glass fiber reinforced plastic special wear-resistant extruder not only ensures high-speed extrusion but also guarantees the service life of the extruder; specially designed adjustable composite co-extrusion machine head It is a unique patented product of our company, which can quickly ensure the uniform compounding of three layers of plastics, and can quickly obtain the ideal thickness of each layer, PE pipe equipment, without adjusting the speed of the extruder; equipped with high-speed multi-group roller tensioning type The flat belt tractor ensures high-speed and stable traction, which subverts the jitter and slip phenomenon of the ordinary tractor. Compared with the ordinary PP-R pipe, the Qingdao PE pipe equipment has high compressive strength, low temperature deformation and extreme The small longitudinal retraction rate solves the defect of PP-R conveying hot water deformation; the whole line adopts the original imported PLC programmable computer control system, PE pipe equipment to ensure the whole production line Smooth high-speed synchronous control and reliable operation

  2. The extrusion die is a unique high-pressure die of our company, which is forged and tempered by die steel. The special design of the core of the mold ensures the low-temperature plasticizing effect of the raw material, and the special temperature control system of the core ensures the appearance and quality performance of the PE pipe. The uniformity of the melt pressure and flow rate of the multi-layer co-extrusion mold developed by our company and the convenient adjustment performance are trusted by many customers.

   3. The vacuum cooling water tank adopts a two-stage vacuum system (only suitable for large diameter pipes) and high pressure water circulation. With advanced water level automatic water supply and drainage control and circulating water temperature control, it can easily realize three-dimensional adjustment of up, down, left and right front and rear. It is equipped with two water path control sizing devices. The unique pipeline design can effectively shorten the cooling length and meet the high speed and stable production. Claim.

   4. The tractor adopts a special overall transmission design, which avoids the unsynchronization and tremor of the independent transmission, ensures flexible positioning and orientation, and adopts electric action mutual clamping for convenient operation and good clamping pressure. .

   5. The non-cutting cutting saw adopts full hydraulic (pneumatic) design to ensure the continuity of various actions. The depth of the blade is flexible and adjustable. The control system adopts PLC control, which is easy to adjust and easy to learn.
  PE is a polyethylene plastic, the most basic kind of plastic, plastic bags, cling film, etc. are PE, HDPE is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The original HDPE has a milky white appearance and a semi-transparent shape in a thin section. PE has excellent resistance to most living and industrial chemicals.

PE pipe welding, PE pipe butt welds, this method provides the highest reliability and diameter within the range and pressure process: the end of the heated pipe, using a tool called "contact mirroring and temperature" under the definition of "mirror ". The ends are quickly contacted and kept under pressure during the cooling process.

PE pipes are medium density polyethylene pipes and high density polyethylene pipes. According to the wall thickness, it is divided into SDR11 and SDR17.6 series. The former is suitable for conveying gaseous artificial gas, natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas, and the latter is mainly used for conveying natural gas. Compared with steel pipes, the construction process is simple, has certain flexibility, and more importantly, it is not used for anti-corrosion treatment, which will save a lot of processes. Disadvantages are not as good as steel pipes. Special attention is paid to the safe spacing of thermal heating during construction, and it should not be exposed to the sunlight in the air, and it is sensitive to chemicals and prevents leakage of sewage pipes.
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Therefore, the National Bureau of Standards has made a large number of revisions in the new GB/T13663-2000 standard, which stipulates that PE80 and PE100 of different grades of water supply pipes have different pressure strengths, and the tensile strength performance of the old standard is removed, and the fracture is increased. Elongation (greater than 350%), which emphasizes basic toughness.

PE mining pipe

The wear resistance of HDPE is the crown of plastic in all engineering plastics, which is the most eye-catching. The higher the molecular weight, the more wearable the material is, even more than many metal materials (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, etc.). The service life is 4-6 times that of steel pipes under strong corrosion and high wear conditions, 9 times that of ordinary polyethylene; and the conveying efficiency is increased by 20%. Flame retardant and antistatic properties are good and meet the standard requirements. The service life of the well is more than 20 years, the economic benefit is remarkable, the impact resistance, wear resistance and double resistance are remarkable.

PE sewage pipe

PE pipe for sewage disposal is also called high-density polyethylene pipe, English: HDPE. This type of pipe is often used as the preferred pipe for municipal engineering and is mainly used in the sewage treatment industry. Because of its characteristics of wear resistance, acid and corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance, it has gradually replaced the traditional pipe materials such as steel pipes and cement pipes in the market, especially because the pipe is light in weight, easy to install and move, and is a new material. The first choice. Users should pay special attention to the following points when selecting pipes of this material: 1. Special attention should be paid to the selection of raw materials for plastic pipes. There are thousands of grades of polyethylene raw materials, and there are as many as a few thousand yuan per ton of raw materials on the market. The products produced from such raw materials cannot be constructed, otherwise the rework loss will be huge. 2. The choice of pipeline manufacturers should be based on formal professional manufacturers. 3. When selecting a PE pipe, you should inspect the manufacturer on the spot to see if it has production capacity.

Water pipe

PE pipe for water supply is a replacement for traditional steel pipe and PVC drinking water pipe.

The water supply pipe must withstand a certain pressure, usually a PE resin with a large molecular weight and good mechanical properties, such as HDPE resin. The LDPE resin has low tensile strength, poor pressure resistance, poor rigidity, poor dimensional stability during molding, and difficulty in connection, and is not suitable as a material for a water supply pressure pipe. However, due to its high health indicators, PE, especially HDPE resin, has become a common material for the production of drinking water pipes. HDPE resin has a small melt viscosity, good fluidity and easy processing, so the range of its melt index is also wide, and the MI is usually between 0.3 and 3 g/10 min.

Machine video

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