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PVC WPC Door Frame Profile Machine

PVC WPC Door Frame Profile Machine Description PVC profile production line is applied to produce PVC window,PVC WPC door frame profile,PVC ceiling panel profile,PVC cable trunking profile by changing different mould. Process Flow PVC powder + additives → Mixer → Screw feeder → Extruder → Mould →...

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PVC profile production line is applied to produce PVC window,PVC WPC door frame profile,PVC ceiling panel profile,PVC cable trunking profile by changing different mould.






double screw extruder




whole sets


vacuum calibration tank



 hauling machine

















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Product features

1.It is very simple and convenient to operate;

2.This machine has high production efficiency;

3.Good operating system;

4.Work does not produce a lot of noise;

5.Good durability.

In this era of new materials, wood-plastic materials have developed rapidly at home and abroad in recent years with the concept of “environmental protection and energy conservation”. Under the background of saving natural resources and promoting green environmental protection, this new type of composite material has been expanding its application fields with its own excellent performance, and its product potential has been continuously tapped. From the initial wood-plastic pallets, storage shelves, railings, building slabs, outdoor gardening materials to the now growing indoor building materials applications, especially the rapid development of door and window accessories, it can be described as lively.

The author has been engaged in the production technology of wooden doors, flooring and furniture manufacturing for many years, but he is inadvertently attracted by the combination of two distinct fields of wood and plastic. The development of any material products will inevitably move from traditional materials to the development of different disciplines. Due to its excellent performance, the application of wood-plastic materials has been continuously tapped, and its promotion and application in the wood door industry has brought its performance to the fullest.

Why wood-plastic materials can play an important role in wooden door products

(1) The excellent performance of the wood-plastic material itself determines the important role

In addition to saving natural resources, environmental protection, and the advantages of recycling, it is light in weight, good in rigidity, resistant to acid and alkali, waterproof and anti-corrosion, anti-mold, anti-algae, anti-insect, formaldehyde-free and other pollutants, not easily deformed and cracked. It can be nailed, drilled, planed, sawed, glued and painted like wood. It also avoids the disadvantages of plastic products being aging, embrittlement, poor gripping force and high heat sensitivity in decorative building materials. In addition, its feel is very similar to wood, the warmth of wood has a difference in the coldness of plastic, and the high-quality wood-plastic material can also emit the fragrance of wood.

(2) The problem of the suit of the door industry that needs to be solved urgently

The rapid development of the wooden door industry in recent years, the market production and sales boom, has gradually become a more dynamic branch of the decorative building materials industry. With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, the interior decoration and decoration boom continues to heat up, and wooden door products have been valued by more and more consumers. The wooden door industry is not only a labor-intensive low-tech industry, the market demand for wooden doors is getting higher and higher, and the technical content of wooden doors must be continuously improved. As the famous people say, “new technologies, new processes, new doors, one The 'new' word determines the destiny of the wooden door enterprise. Only by continuously innovating, the wooden door enterprise can go down and stabilize on the road of sustained and healthy development." When the wooden door industry innovates wooden door products, it often ignores its supporting products, and about 60% of the quality problems after installation and use of the door do not appear on its door structure, but are concentrated on the door cover. .

The concept of the door is becoming more and more popular. The installation of the door has gradually purchased materials from the traditional, please carpentry, on-site production to the entire door to buy, install and use. The trend of full decoration of special commercial houses is clear, and wooden door enterprises must consider the overall supporting sales of the doors. The defects of the traditional manufacturing process and materials have caused the matching process of the door to lag behind, and there is an urgent need for improvement. The application of the wood-plastic material application door shows its unique advantages.

(1) The traditional manufacturing process and plate materials (solid wood, multi-layer board, MDF) are difficult to flexibly design according to the wall structure, so as to achieve fast installation, elegant appearance, strong and durable use requirements. The wood-plastic material can be extruded in a profiled shape, and a complex curve can be obtained. The structure can be flexibly designed according to the wall structure, and multiple installation points can be designed without affecting the appearance.

(2) Whether the door cover or door cover wire of solid wood, multi-layer board or MDF structure is more or less restricted by the use environment during use, the solid wood structure of "solid wood but the Yangtze River" is not easy to be deformed and cracked, and the density is The structure of the plate is also caused by the wetness of the ground, which causes the lower end to bulge. The wood plastic material can make up for such defects because of its waterproof and anticorrosive properties, and it is not easy to deform and crack.

(3) Mass production of door covers and door sets, no matter whether solid wood, multi-layer board or MDF structure is used, it is difficult to achieve mass production in large quantities. This is also an important factor in the production capacity constraints of many enterprises. Capacity requirements, but have to simplify the design but affect the installation and use, can not be worth the loss. Wood-plastic materials are continuously extruded, and wood-plastic manufacturing enterprises can be specialized in division of labor with door enterprises to meet the scale production capacity requirements.

(4) Strength during transportation and installation and durability of use. As long as the structural design of the wood-plastic material is reasonable, the strength is significantly higher than other materials. Especially for products such as the seven-shaped door line, MDF products are often broken during transportation. Wood plastic materials have good durability and rigidity, and are not easily deformed.

(5) The wood-plastic material can be completely matched with the main door, and the wood-plastic material has good post-processing properties, and has excellent gluing and lacquering properties. Wood-plastic materials can be attached to the veneer by selecting the appropriate adhesive surface, PVC film, three-dimensional PU paper, thermal transfer, etc. to achieve a seamless feeling with the door finish.

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