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PVC Furniture Board Machine

PVC furniture board machine PVC furniture board is PVC crust foam board or Celuka foam board. Smooth, light weight , high density, high hardness , moisture-proof and waterproof , mildew proof and anti-corrosion , non-toxic and no benzene , green products , not easy to deformation resistance to...

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Equipment composition

SJSZ80/156 Conical Twin-screw extruder-- Mould-- Calibrating Platform--Cooling Bracket--Haul Off unit--Cutting Unit--Automatic Stacker

Machine picture

Product features

1.It is very simple and convenient to operate;

2.The machine has high production efficiency;

3.Good operating system;

4.Work does not produce a lot of noise;

5.Good durability.

The features of finished product

Smooth, light weight , high density, high hardness, moisture-proof and waterproof, mildew proof and anti-corrosion, non-toxic and no benzene, green products, not easy to deformation resistance to compression.

Application of finished product

Household decoration: bathroom cabinet board, furniture board, household decoration board, all kinds of household of the shelf.

 PVC foam board furniture can be comparable to wood, and can be sawed, planed, nailed, and viscous. It also has special functions such as no deformation, no cracking, no need to paint (multiple colors), and low foaming sheet. It can be welded, ink printed and can also be machined by sawing, drilling, milling, etc. There are two common production methods: one is crust foaming, the surface is covered with a hard skin, smooth and flat; the other is free foaming, the surface is not crust, and the surface is fine and uneven (ply).

There are many advantages : 

a Unique
Everything that is popular in the world has its exclusive secret recipe. Chevron board furniture as a small leader in the furniture industry is no exception. Chevron board has many characteristics that make it a big name for furniture. Chevron board can be sawed, planed, nailed and glued. Because of its various colors, Chevron board furniture does not need to be painted, which is in line with people's environmental protection. The pursuit of health. In addition, it does not crack and does not deform. From my point of view, it is definitely the first choice for furniture.
b Quiet
Did you know that the Chevron board has the function of sound insulation and sound absorption. This feature is especially suitable for people's choice of furniture. When you get home from work one day and get tired, there will always be a different kind of peace when you return home. This kind of function can make you stay away from the quiet, eat, sleep, and do what you want to do at home.
c. Lightweight
Chevron plate is light and convenient, and it is convenient to store and transport in the process of furniture making. From another angle, it is also a lighter rather than a cumbersome thing for the homeowner. In this case, it is effortless to change the position of different furniture or to perform a home cleaning.
d. lasting
Chevron board furniture has long-lasting use of color, still maintain its own color, not easy to age. In this way, it is more sensible to choose to buy Chevron board furniture at the same price. It has a long service life and is natural, and always keeps itself.
e. Environmental protection
The material with polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material and the natural beauty without natural modification, how can people not fall in love with it? High environmental protection, no pollution, no pollution, the product does not contain benzene substances, no formaldehyde. Although the products in the production process are qualified, in the actual occupancy, the formaldehyde and benzene content is measured, which is more healthy.
f. fashion
Very simple to achieve a personalized shape, the color is also diverse. The plasticity is strong, so in the furniture making process, you can freely design the style you want. Adding the elements of fashion, or the long-awaited pastoral style, the popular European and American styles, etc. can all show temperament. Reflect the taste of the owner.

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