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LVT Flooring Production Line

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                Product name                LVT Flooring Production Line
                Place of origin                China
                Type                Flooring production line
                Usage                The production of floor
                Payment terms                T/T, L/C
                Delivery details                We will deliver goods instantly after confirming your payment

Machine Picture

Finished product

Machine include

    1)Two Conical twin-screw extruders include SJSZ92/188

    2)T type Mould

    3)4-roller Calender System with online lamination device

    4)Cooling Bracket+Air Curtain

    5)Side Trimming Device

    6)Haul off device

    7)Precision shearing machine


Product Advantages 

    1. Selecting the superior quality of raw material. 

    2. A wide range of applications. 

    3. Simple and practical design, easy to install. 

    4. Offering an affordable price but excellent quality. 

    5. Various choices of color and size. 

    6. High performance in water proof, anti-slip, fire resistance and wear resistance.

    LVT floor letters mean, Luxury, luxury; Vinyl, vinyl; Tile, brick. Luxury Vinyl Tile, literally translated as a high-grade vinyl floor tile, LVT is a stone-plastic floor.

LVT stone plastic floor is a high-grade elastic floor that can simulate realistic wood grain and stone floor;
—LVT wood grain stone plastic floor, the color texture obtained from various woods in nature, the wood grain effect can be a bit messy.
—LVT stone-grained plastic floor, not only shows the color of stone, but also the difference between glossy and matt surface.
—LVT art color stone plastic floor, more personalized material choice.
  LVT is not only a wood grain pattern that can be simulated on the surface. As a flexible floor material made of PVC, LVT is also a charming floor.
- Elasticity, different from hard materials such as stone and ceramic tile, LVT imitation stone floor gives a more comfortable experience.
- Both hygienic and non-slip, the LVT floor has a unique anti-slip ability, while ensuring sufficient stain resistance and easy cleaning.
- Mildew-proof, insect-resistant and durable, the bottom layer of LVT floor is a mixture of lime and PVC, with good stability; the surface layer is pure PVC wear-resistant layer, high wear resistance. Compared with the risk of easy deformation and insects on wooden floors, LVT has the advantages of technology products.

LVT wood grain plastic floor
Novalis wood grain LVT floor
The LVT stone-plastic floor structure has 4 layers from bottom to top:
- the bottom layer, using lime and PVC mixture as the backing
- printed layer, printed on the bottom layer of the design pattern of the LVT floor
- wear layer, pure PVC transparent wear layer covering the printing layer
-PU protective coating, wear layer clean treatment

LVT is not a fake name in its birthplace. The printed layer passes through about 0.5mm wear layer. The floor effect and the corresponding simulation materials can be messy, and the wood grain can be three-dimensional wear-resistant layer to increase the concave and convex lines. Mirroring or roughening depending on the type of material, reflecting reflective and material feel, respectively.

The 0.5mm wear layer may allow some friends to question how the durability is guaranteed. In the most stringent European standard, the commercial wear is also 0.55mm wear layer, while the household is 0.3mm. That is, the wear layer, which is about half a millimeter, is actually quite wear-resistant.
The Livyn LVT floor consists of five different levels. As a result, this floor not only has excellent water and sound absorbing properties, but also gives your feet an extremely warm, soft ground feel. In addition, the LVT floor is still ultra-thin, making it the perfect choice for interior renovation.

1. High performance top layer:
The top layer with scratch and antifouling technology protects your floor from dust ingress, dirt and scratches. It also makes your floor easy to clean and maintain. The super matte finish presents a natural look.

2. Finely printed vinyl decorative layer:
The advanced printing technology used in this layer gives the LVT floor a uniquely rustic look.

3. High impact resistant vinyl core:
A vinyl core with water and sound absorbing properties ensures the comfort and durability of the floor.

4. Ultra stable outer layer:
This layer contains extra-thick glass fibers, which greatly enhances the dimensional stability of the LVT floor.

5. High-efficiency impact resistant vinyl backboard:
The layer is waterproof and the perfectly balanced back panel prevents warping or deformation.

Machine Video

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