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PVC ASA Roof Sheet Production Line

PVC ASA Roof sheet production line Advantages of the production line: 1. Equipped with coat hanger form flat die and a pneumatic shaping mould, this line has a more stable shaping process and more easily adjustable for the thickness control. 2. Using rubber hauling roller matched with the...

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PVC ASA Roof Sheet Production Line

Brief Introduction

PVC ASA roof sheet production line/PVC Glazed Roof Tile Making Machine/Extrusion Line consists of extruder,  die and shaping downstream units, which can continuous extruding single layer PVC glazed tile,  PVC/ASA composite multi-layer glazed tile.

Roofing Sheet Size

Width: 880 or 1050mm

Thickness: 2,2.5 or 3mm

Glazed tile product features:

1. Large-scale design and patented technology, when customers purchase products here, they spend the least amount of money and build the area.

2.  it is a flame retardant material, strong flame retardant, best fire resistance

3. the lighting performance is excellent, making the environment more bright and bright, saving the most power

4. acid and alkali resistance will never rust, and the best chemical resistance

5. Low noise, due to its unique material, the rainstorm days, the lowest noise

6. good thermal insulation performance, heat transfer resistance, fast heat dissipation, the most comfortable working environment

7. Good weather resistance, compared with color steel tile and galvanized tile, the service life is more than 3 times and the service life is the longest.

8.  the material is light, tough, easy to carry, save time, labor, high efficiency, the easiest construction

9. no asbestos tile material, no harm to humans and animals, no carcinogen release, the most environmentally friendly

Glazed tile roofing sheet Applications

The Plastic Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine is mainly used in the production of plastic glazed tile.The plastic glazed tiles are widely used in the garden-style factory,tourist scenic spots, pavilions,hotels,family building, etc.


1: Screw loader 
2: SJSZ80/156 conical twin-screw extruder 
3: Vacuum loader and drying hopper 
4: SJ50/35 single screw extruder 
5: Extrusion mould and distributor 
6: Embossing roller 
7: Temperature controller
8: Corrugated Roof Glazed-tile forming machine 
9: Corrugated Roof Sheet Cutter 
10: Stacker

 Machine Picture


Machine video:

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