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Roof Tile Production Line

Roof tile production line PVC roof sheet production line consists of extruder, T-die, two roller embossing machine, cater-pillar forming machine, auto-cutter and stacker. PVC roof sheet production line can continuously extrude single layer PVC glazed tile, PVC / PMMA and PVC / ASA composite...

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This production line includes

Product width





Wave shape

Round /T shape wave






Mould width





Auxiliary power





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Product features

1.This line consists of extruder, T-die, two roller embossing machine, cater-pillar forming machine, auto-cutter and stacker.  

2.It can continuously extrude single layer PVC glazed tile, PVC / PMMA and PVC / ASA composite multi-layer glazed tiles. 

3.It has the advantage of high production efficiency, reasonable structure, convenient operation and maintenance, long use life etc.

PVC, (Physical Vapor Deposition) refers to the process of transferring a substance or a molecule from a source to a surface of a substrate by physical transfer. Its function is that some particles with special properties (high strength, wear resistance, heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, etc.) can be sprayed on the lower performance mother body, so that the mother body has better performance! The basic method of PVD: vacuum evaporation, sputtering, ion plating (hollow cathode ion plating, hot cathode ion plating, arc ion plating, active reactive ion plating, radio frequency ion plating, DC discharge ion plating) and other components to enhance its heat resistance Sex, resilience, and extension. The uppermost layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the lowermost layer is a back-coated adhesive. It is a well-loved, popular and widely used synthetic material in the world. The usage is the second largest in the world.

Our most common PVC materials are: PVC tile, PVC bathroom, bathroom mat, PVC suitcase, PVC bar mat, PVC coaster, PVC keychain, PVC soft rubber, U disk shell, PVC rubber stamp, PVC Mobile phone holder, PVC soft plastic photo frame, PVC soft magnetic refrigerator sticker, PVC car anti-skid pad and other products.


1, in terms of price, it is more affordable and practical

2, fire resistance - oxygen index OI ≥ 32, is a flame retardant material;

3, anti-corrosion - chemical corrosion resistance, more than 3 times longer than zinc plate life;

4, strong toughness - impact resistance, tensile resistance, not brittle;

5, weather resistance - due to the addition of UV anti-UV agent in the material, the product can really achieve anti-ultraviolet radiation, long life;

6, low noise - the noise is extremely low when it rains, the noise of the metal roof panel is reduced by more than 30db;

7, portability - easy to install, transport, save time and effort;

8, beautiful - bright color, bright and colorful;

9, environmental protection - no asbestos-containing ingredients, no carcinogenic and other substances released.


Roof tile

Introduced in combination with color steel tile, it has beautiful appearance and wide application range, and is widely used in various large-span workshops.

Wall panel

It should be applied to the wall of the factory to contribute to the system to solve the corrosion problem of the facade of the plant.

Ceiling series

It is mainly used in the indoor ceiling of workshops and breeding places, which has the effect of beautifying and decorating, and at the same time forms protection for metal structures such as purlins.

Free series

It was launched to meet the needs of customers who used the original color steel tile. The utility model has the advantages that the construction can be directly covered without removing the originally corroded roof, and the normal use of the workshop is not affected, which saves the cost and saves time, and the economic benefit is obvious.

Wave tile series

The wavy tile is based on the longest red mud wave slab. After the improvement of the process and formula, it greatly improves the weather resistance of the product. The product is suitable for roofing, carport, breeding shed and other roofing.

Machine video

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